Phase-out of the ubitricity SmartCable

Dear Portsmouth residents,
Thank you for your interest in ubitricity and the ubitricty SmartCable. As we are phasing-out this product, it is unfortunately no longer available. Please see more information below, including details on how to charge easily at ubitricity charge points without a SmartCable.

Information on Why the ubitricity SmartCable is being phased out:

Our SmartCable provided (at the time) an innovative approach to make charging more convenient for customers. In recent years, the electric mobility public charging market has developed to support open charging networks and roaming services. With these developments, it is now the right time to ensure our public charging offer supports these open standards – allowing all customers to charge at an ubitricity charge point. We will therefore be phasing out our SmartCable in the UK. The phase-out means that we will be terminating all SmartCable contracts when the contract has expired. Detailed information on the phase-out, including current charging prices can be found here. If you would like to learn more about how you can easily charge at ubitricity charge points without a SmartCable by scanning a QR code and using Pay-As-You-Go, please visit our EV driver portal at