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Live in Portsmouth? Drive an EV?
Here is the range of tariffs available to you.

For most drivers, ubitricity’s Portsmouth Pay As You Go tariff works out great value. If you’re new to EV charging in Portsmouth, we recommend you give that a try first.

Here’s how Pay As You Go works:

  • There is no app to download, no sign up, and no commitment.
  • There is no monthly fee and no plug-in fee.
  • Use your standard Type 2 cable for all your charging. No need to purchase an extra cable.
  • To start charging, scan the QR code on the charge point with your smartphone, and follow the instructions in your web browser.
  • For repeat use, this takes less than 30 seconds.
  • You receive a receipt via email as soon as you complete your charge session.

See. Pay As You Go is simple!
No wonder 80% of ubitricity customers in Portsmouth charge this way.

For high-mileage drivers and if you:

  • need a new Type 2 charging cable,
  • prefer to pay a monthly bill rather than per charge,
  • drive more than 10,000 electric miles every year,

then think about buying a SmartCable to access the Portsmouth Subscription or Flex tariffs.

See how they compare:


An ubitricity Smartcable

Your standard Type 2 cable

Option Portsmouth Subscription Portsmouth Flex Portsmouth Pay As You Go
Monthly fee £ 6.99
Unit rate per kWh 12.9p 14.9p 22.9p
Plug-in fee per charge event 19p
SmartCable 7.4 kW/32A, Type 2 £ 99 £ 199 Not needed
Minimum contract term 2 years

Before you buy, please note:

  • With both SmartCable tariffs, you are buying the cable. ubitricity cannot refund the cost of your SmartCable at the end of your contract.
  • Portsmouth Subscription & Portsmouth Flex are only available to Portsmouth Residents.
  • It is not possible to switch between the SmartCable tariffs once you have selected your contract.
  • SmartCables without a live contract do not work in ubitricity charge points.
  • Please read the SmartCable manual.
  • Shipping time is typically 10 working days.

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